martes, 25 de enero de 2011


The twiddlebugs are colourful insects who live in Ernie's window. The family Twiddlebug are:
.Thomas Twiddlebug (father, husband),
.Tessie Twiddlebug (mother, wife)
.Timmy Twiddlebug (son, brother)
. and Tina Twiddlebug (daughter, sister).

They live in a special house. The house is an old milk carton, the chimney is a drinking straw and the roof is made with pencils. The fence is made with matches, the washing line is made with two nails and a wool string. The swings are made with paper clips.

The Twiddlebugs want to go to the zoo. 

                           How are they going to go to the Zoo?

Now we watch the video and see.

The Twiddlebugs are funny!

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